Version 0.5b

  • Automatically executes a garbage collection when low space is signaled
  • VM Object allocation functions returns CObjectPointer instead of (STObject *)
  • New VM alloc function for ExternalAddresses
  • Process list generated in GC primitive
  • Implemented low level debug mechanism to show message sends
  • Move traitComposition instance variable from ClassDescription to Behavior

Bug Fixes:

  • TranscriptStream cyclic buf in #pastEndPut:
  • MaxObjects too big, optimized code failed to open AppLauncher
  • #printOn:base: defined in SmallInteger causes FractionTest #testFractionPrinting to fail
  • gmalloc overflows allocatedObjects[]
  • newIntegerOrLong() must convert unsigned ints
  • ExternalAddress fromInteger: does not handle negatives
  • uncheckedAtPut din't check values between 0 and 255 for variableByteObjects
  • garbage collector flush at cache while being used

Version 0.5a

  • More portable handling of process resume and suspend in ST
  • Better handling of Gtk main loop process
  • FileDirectory uses libc's getcwd to set DefaultDirectory
  • Added Utilities class, and system properties getter/setter methods

Bug Fixes:

  • garbage collector didn't flush at cache
  • garbage collector didn't inspect active process stack
  • GtkAboutDialog DNU getHandle
  • ExternalStructure DNU setHandle
  • ClassBrowser sometimes brings a GTK error when selecting a class
  • Memory leak in checkAllMemory and saveArray
  • Deadlock at gmalloc, when previous gmalloc returned with an error
  • Behavior new new crashes the image

Version 0.5

  • ClassBrowser funcionality, add/modify method
  • ClassBrowser funcionality, add/modify class
  • Clean up Process/ProcessScheduler, simplify interaction
  • Added first manual garbage collector
  • Added weak arrays and finalization support
  • Added first somInstance/nextInstance implementation
  • Added basic snapshotAndQuit support
  • Better external object support with auto finalization
  • Reorganize project directrories

Bug Fixes:

  • GIRBuilder cacheMap
  • Mismatch between object's size and class instSize in some classes
  • Compiler inlining #at: and #at:put
  • Fixed a bug in, now configure works without kdevelop

Version 0.4

  • Fixed temp location in the stack frame
  • Fixed thisEnv var location in the stack frame
  • Debugger inspects args, temps (both local and captured) and receivers correctly
  • Added temp initialization by pushing nil oop, will change this in the future
  • Synced compiler changes with original sources developed in Squeak
  • Unify tools behavior by using pluggable view
  • Added Quit option to File Menu in AppLauncher

Bug Fixes:

  • Buggy class creation mechanism (ClassBuilder).

Version 0.3

  • Added dynamic Traits
  • Added a GTK wrapper (incomplete)
  • Make Gtk wrapper thread safe
  • Added UNIX pthreads support
  • Added dynamic library mapping
  • Changed File IO classes to support dynamic libraries
  • Added a Transcript stream
  • Created GUI Tools: a workspace, a transcript, a class browser and the application launcher.
  • Created basic Debugger
  • Added debug info to compiled methods (CompiledMethod and InstructionSequence)
  • Make UnhandledError open the debugger
  • Added ChangeSet mechanisms
  • Added Context (PseudoContext) materialization from stack, debugger support.

Bug Fixes:

  • Unwind mechanism doesn't remove FramePointers, Exceptions or Ensures from exception handler list.
  • ClassBrowser hangs selecting class metohds.


Version 0.2

  • Rename project to Huemul
  • Separate image from executable
  • Create SVN repository (
  • Added fileIn/fileOut support


Version 0.1

  • Initial executable
  • Basic file support
  • Added SystemTracer
  • Support to create image files
  • Use exupery as compiler
  • Use SmaCC as translator
  • Bug Fixes
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